The Happy List

  1. The English countryside
  2. Fresh, crisp sheets
  3. Visits to the bookstore
  4. Candy pink blush
  5. Teacups
  6. Ducks and ducklings
  7. Running in the meadows
  8. Soft, bouncy curls
  9. Childhood pictures
  10. Bertie Wooster
  11. Holding hands
  12. Shopping for kitchenware
  13. Twirling in full skirts
  14. The cool side of the pillow
  15. Flowers in the house
  16. My windowsill garden
  17. Stripes and polka dots
  18. Going to bed early
  19. A clean house
  20. Kitten naps on my lap
  21. Practising yoga
  22. Good skin days
  23. Baking
  24. Wearing The Boy’s jumpers
  25. Jumping in puddles
  26. Reading time
  27. My mum’s food
  28. Bobble hats
  29. Sunrises and sunsets
  30. Postcards and snail mail
  31. Milky tea
  32. Wooly blankets on the sofa
  33. Cookies
  34. Date nights with The Boy
  35. Bells ringing in Oxford
  36. Breakfast for dinner
  37. Reflections in the water
  38. Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  39. The sound of the sea
  40. Morning chats with my mum

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