Sunny views of the Cotswolds

Sunny views of the Cotswolds @

Sunny views of the Cotswolds @

Sunny views of the Cotswolds @

Sunny views of the Cotswolds @

Sunny views of the Cotswolds @

Sunny views of the Cotswolds @

On nice, sunny days, I think there are very few things that can compare to walking in the Cotswolds. The countryside is so idyllic, I really believe a day spent frolicking around meadows and woods, and along gentle streams is good for the soul.

My most recent excursion was to the Wychwood area, near Kingham, Bledington and Foscot. There were still a few blossoms around and new spring green leaves were just coming out and at times the trees and the fields seemed impossibly green. The hedgerows were so alive; bees, robins, blue tits, rabbits, and hedgehogs were going about their business. It was also lambing time, so many baby lambs were cooed over (and photographed).

It didn’t occur to me at the time, but when I was uploading these pictures from my camera I kept thinking that it looked as if I’d visited the Shire. Don’t you think? Tiny little stone-built villages nestled among the gentle, rolling hills, fields divided by hedgerows, ancient woodland that feels enchanted… While the Cotswolds countryside isn’t dramatic and imposing like the Scottish highlands or the Cornish coast, it is just so pretty it belongs in myths and fairy tales. I love it so!

9 thoughts on “Sunny views of the Cotswolds

  1. chowmeyow says:

    Beautiful photos Maria! Oh how I love the Cotswolds – and I agree, it’s a bit like the Shire!

  2. nlevac116 says:

    Beautiful pictures Maria, Thank you for sharing the beauty of ‘your end of the world’ with us. And, any reference to the Shire will grab my attention. I agree that there are some similarity for sure πŸ™‚

  3. Literary Relish says:

    Lovely lovely photos. I’m practicing my countryside photography myself at the moment though our landscape is a bit more Mordor than the Shire! πŸ™‚ Am reading a book on bumblebees and it’s just increasing my desperation to get to these glorious weekends and get out in the garden!

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