Springtime in the meadows

Every year, the first signs of spring appear in the meadows. It all starts with the grey and gloomy winter darkness being replaced by lighter evenings. This means that on my almost daily walks at around sunset, I am often treated to pretty skies and reflections on the lake surface.


Sometimes the sky has only the most subtle hint of pink.



Other times, I have to stop and stare at the amazing gradient of colour on display. I’m always happy when I see other people getting the same joy as I do from a pretty sky. And even though I feel bad for intruding, I can’t resist snapping a romantic picture or two.


Then, the daffodils arrive. These humble flowers take over, and the meadows are covered in happy yellow splashes. I never realise how little colour there is around in winter until I see the startling and unapologetically bright daffodils. I think it’s impossible to feel blue when you are surrounded by so much yellow!





Oh how I love it when it’s time for blossoms! Blossom spotting is definitely among my favourite springtime pursuits and this year we have be thoroughly spoiled by spring. There was just so much beauty all around! My evening walks were scented with such a sweet smell and the dainty blossoms looked so pretty in the warm golden hour light. Sometimes, the trees were literally buzzing because of all the busy bees travelling from blossom to blossom. Truly heavenly!


Now, the blossoms are slowly giving way to new leaves. I must say, the meadows look so good in bright spring green, and they are bursting with life. The birds provide the soundtrack and I’m always keeping an eye out for the fluffy white tails of rabbits. Every visit to the meadows leaves me feeling refreshed and optimistic, and it is by far the best cure for a bad day.

Do you have a favourite place to visit in the spring?


4 thoughts on “Springtime in the meadows

  1. chowmeyow says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos! I enjoyed taking a little armchair stroll along such a beautiful country path. I’ve just arrived in Michigan, where I grew up, for a lovely 2 week stay. I love Michigan in the springtime, but unfortunately today it’s unseasonably warm – too hot almost! But it’s going to rain tomorrow and cool back down to spring temperatures, and whatever the weather, it’s lovely to be here for spring. 🙂

    • Maria says:

      Thank you Emily!
      We are having the opposite here: after a wonderful April, it’s been cold and wet in the last week or so. It seems to be winter’s last hurrah.
      Have a lovely time in Michigan!

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