An interruption

bookworm_interruptionAs you have probably noticed, posts have been sporadic at best on A bookworm’s life. I’m currently having real trouble balancing everything I’ve got going on. I feel as if there should be at least three of me in order to get it all done. The things is, I really must focus on finishing my PhD, which has been going on for too long. So as much as I would like to post recipes and pictures from walks and various musings on here, I have decided to take a little hiatus from blogging.

So for a little while at least, it will be rather quiet around here. You can be certain that I’m still escaping to the countryside every chance I get, I’m taking too many pictures, I’m reading books, and baking all sorts of things. If you’d like to keep in touch, I’m always on Instagram and Twitter, do come and say hello.

See you soon!


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