From my kitchen: Blackberry and apple crumble

Crumbles are so simple to make, endlessly variable, almost impossible to get wrong, and so satisfying and comforting to eat. I love them! Plus, I take great pleasure in saying “Are you ready to crumble?” in a big booming voice whenever I make one.


Anyway, the past month I really focused on using up blackberries as we were picking more than we could eat. Apart from freezing some to make jam in a few weeks, I used them inΒ blackberry turnovers prepared in the last minute, the most indulgent blackberry french toast, and this delicious blackberry and apple crumble. It’s a recipe from one of my favourite cookbooks: Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights by Sophie Dahl. (More of my thoughts on this cookbook here.)


Start by coring and slicing a couple of apples. Then simply mix the flour, oats, and butter in a bowl. Using your fingers you crumble things together until the mix begins to look like coarse breadcrumbs. At that point, add in the sugar and mix.


Place the apples and blackberries in a baking dish, you can be as neat or messy as you like. Dot the fruit with some extra butter and sugar. Cover the fruit with the crumble and bake in the oven until the top is golden brown and the fruit is bubbling up.

Enjoy with some custard. Perfectly comforting!


So far, I’ve cooked quite a few recipes from this cookbook. If you’d like, have a look at Peasant soup, Buttermilk Chicken with Smashed Sweet Potatoes, and Tawny Granola.

Recipes from the same cookbook coming up:Β Banana Bread and Aubergine Parmigiana.

12 thoughts on “From my kitchen: Blackberry and apple crumble

  1. Trish says:

    Sounds so good!! Did the peels bother you once they were cooked? I once did a peach crumble and was too lazy to peel the peaches and really wish that I had. Glad this cookbook has been a winner for you!

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