Late summer at the Oxford Botanic Garden

bookworm_botanic7 bookworm_botanic6 bookworm_botanic1 bookworm_botanic2 bookworm_botanic4 bookworm_botanic5 bookworm_botanic3 bookworm_botanic8I love the Oxford Botanic Garden. Its glasshouses are among my favourite places to visit on a freezing cold day. I wanted to visit the Merton borders before summer ended, as I remember really loving them last year. We finally visited on a sunny Sunday a few weeks ago. We first stopped by the glasshouses as I really enjoy smelling the lemon basil that alwaysย transportsย me to my grandma’s front porch, then we had to stop and take pictures of my most favourite gate which for some reason always makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, and then we reached the Merton borders.

The borders were once again so very lovely! As far as I understand, the Merton borders are planted to be like wildflower meadows or cottage gardens, so they are very colourful and dense. They make a beautiful explosion of colour.

Afterwards, we continued out walk in the Christ Church meadows that are right next to the garden. It was such a great little walk!


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