August – A picture diary


Enjoying beautiful sunny days in the Oxford botanic gardens (check out tomorrow’s post) and in the open countryside. Seeing signs that autumn is right around the corner: cool mornings, golden evening light, yellowing leaves, and apples!


Making animal friends, as always. Hanging out with Maisie The Cat when I’m working from home, saying hello to the horses on my walks, and meeting some lovely piggies at The Big Feastival.


Slowly getting back into cooking and baking; it’s the GBBO effect. Using up our blackberries in delicious crumbles and rather indulgent breakfasts. Bread baking, mostly soda bread and banana bread. Having a super fun jamming session with a friend, so many jars of plum jam!

bookworm_august4Falling back in love with Oxford: early morning walks down charming little streets, taking yoga classes in stunningly beautiful medieval colleges, and walking to the shops along the canal every day. And, one of the highlights of my year for sure: a day filled with fun, food, and music at the brilliant Big Feastival in the Cotswolds (a post to come, for sure).

August felt like a really long month, especially when I look back on all the pictures on my Instagram. It had its ups and downs but overall it was a great month, with so many memorable moments.

Here’s to an amazing September!

All pictures taken from my Instagram.



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