Then & now.

Ever since visiting the countryside outside Moreton-in-Marsh last winter, I’ve been wanting to return to the place that stole my heart. A few weeks ago, I finally got my wish. The Boy and I hopped on the train and revisited part of the same walk from all those months ago. When we got back and I loaded up my photos on my computer I began to laugh. Because it turns out that not only do I like revisiting my favourite places and walking along the same paths, I also like to take pictures of exactly the same scenes while standing at pretty much the same spot.

Take a look at the comparisons below:

bookworm_thennow4 bookworm_thennow1 bookworm_thennow3 bookworm_thennow7 bookworm_thennow5 bookworm_thennow2 bookworm_thennow6 bookworm_thennow8Such a creature of habit.


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