July – A picture diary


Summer evening walks in the meadows are just the best thing on blah days. Revisiting one of my favourite parts of the countryside for a long walk. Picnics with stunning views. Days that end with muddy shoes, tired limbs, and messy hair are my favourite!


Working from home has never looked so good: mornings in the garden, alternating between sunny and shady spots, lunch break walks by the river with The Boy, evening walks around the neighbourhood and along the canal.

bookworm_july3Beautiful, watercolour skies over the meadows at sunset. Walks in fields of gold and interactions with almost-magical creatures. A serialised visit to Woodstock and the Blenheim Palace grounds: storm clouds make forΒ dramatic skies over the lake, finding shelter from the summer rain, walking after the storm, and spending an evening in Woodstock.

Oh July was rather lovely; pure, golden summer light, lazy days in the countryside, delicious summer produce, and suchΒ beauty in the garden. How was your month?

All pictures taken from my Instagram.


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