An evening in Woodstock

(For the first three parts of this story, check out Before the rain comes, Summer rain, and After the storm.)

bookworm_ew1 bookworm_ew2

We left Blenheim Palace and walked up a steep path to the town centre. As always, I had to stop and sneak peeks of the cottage gardens we walked past; my favourites were the roses and the hydrangeas.


The Woodstock town centre is so pretty! This is what comes to mind when I think of “small English town”. We got a drink at our favourite Woodstock pub, The Star Inn, and once we felt properly revived we decided to walk around the town a little bit more as it was the golden hour and it was beautiful.

bookworm_ew3 bookworm_ew5 bookworm_ew6 bookworm_ew8 bookworm_ew7 bookworm_ew9

We walked down some of my favourite streets of Woodstock, away from the centre the neighbourhoods were quiet and serene. As the light was fading we made our way back to the town centre to enjoy the music of the little town fair that was just starting.

bookworm_ew10We picked up some food from the chip shop (I got fishcakes and chips, The Boy got pie and chips), perched up on a ledge and listened to the blues with a view of the church and The Bear Inn. It was lovely!

Just as it was getting dark, we made our way home.



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