After the storm

(This is the third part of a story; the first part is Before the rain comes and the second part is Summer rain, if you’d like to catch up.)


With the sunshine returning although light rain was still falling, and sheep still hiding under trees to stay dry, we left our shelter and began to walk.


I didn’t mind the rain as it wasn’t hard at all, the raindrops actually felt quite refreshing. Then I noticed a faint rainbow ahead, which always makes me happy.

bookworm_after3 bookworm_after4

Once the rain stopped completely and the sun came out, everything looked so beautiful. There was a warmth in the light and an ethereal quality in the air that felt magical. I was very happy to be there to witness this at that time.

bookworm_after5 bookworm_after6

I had a bit of a Wind in the Willows moment when we reached the cottage perched right next to the stream that feeds the lake.

bookworm_after7 bookworm_after8By now, we had reached the gate to the grounds where we started our walk a couple of hours earlier. The sheep were back to their grazing, water was dripping from the leaves, and everything had been drenched and cleansed. It had been a lovely little walk and we were certainly ready for some food and rest in Woodstock.

Check out the last part of this story tomorrow!



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