Summer rain

(The first part of this story is here: Before the rain comes.)


So the sky turned an ominous grey and it got really dark. The Boy and I started walking faster through this little valley we were in to try and reach a wooded area ahead.


Then I began to hear water dripping; I wasn’t sure if it was the wind blowing in the leaves that were still wet from the earlier storm or if it had started to rain. My doubt only lasted a second or so and then it became obvious that it was raining. There was a lot of thunder and a lot of rain coming down.

We ran for cover and actually discovered an oak tree with a dry patch of land around it to protect us. So we stood and waited. I liked that I could see some sheep basically doing the same thing a few trees away.

bookworm_rain4 bookworm_rain5

The Boy was worried that it would be raining for hours and we would inevitably have to walk in the rain. There was also the fact that the leaves of our tree were slowly getting soaked and our dry piece of land wasn’t going to stay dry for much longer. Thankfully, it got a little brighter eventually, and even though the rain was still coming down hard it felt like there was an end in sight.


The rain was definitely easing by now; The Boy was getting a bit restless so he took to pacing up and down our dry patch of land. He made an excellent subject as I tested different settings of my camera.


With rain still lightly falling and the sun beginning to assert its presence we had to make a move because our tree wasn’t protecting us any more.

The next part of this story comes tomorrow!


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