The meadows, yesterday.

bookworm_meadow1 bookworm_meadow2 bookworm_meadow3 bookworm_meadow4 bookworm_meadow5 bookworm_meadow7 bookworm_meadow8I went for a little evening walk in the nearby meadows yesterday. I wasn’t having the best day and was feeling quite grumpy. I basically had to force myself to get up and go out. But a few minutes in, I could feel the sun and the light breeze on my skin and it felt great! The meadows looked so lovely and peaceful, I felt silly about ever wanting to stay at home. Oh that walk really did me a world of good.

These are just some of the pictures I snapped on my phone as I was walking around.

5 thoughts on “The meadows, yesterday.

  1. Lola Byatt says:

    perfect example of productivity coming before motivation! sometimes it takes me forever to get going at a task that i know will be good for me. perfect view for a walk πŸ™‚

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