The city of dreaming spires

bookworm_oxfordmapWytham Woods is more than a beautiful place to walk around, it also offers some pretty great views of Oxford. I thought it would be fun to show you this view of the city of dreaming spires and just what some of those buildings with spires on top actually are.

I always enjoy seeing the places I walk or cycle past almost daily from a different perspective. In fact, these aren’t just places I see in my everyday life, I’ve often talked about them and shared their pictures on the blog. Here are some pictures from The Codrington Library in All Souls. You can see the Radcliffe Camera, All Souls College, the Lincoln College Library, and Tom Tower silhouetted on a foggy morning here. The Church of St. Mary the Virgin is actually the church in The tree by the church post. Here‘s an early morning walk past the Lincoln College Library, St. Mary the Virgin, and the Radcliffe Camera. I shared some pictures from inside the Bodleian Library over the holidays after my mum and I took a tour. Almost all of the buildings marked in the picture above are featured in this post from a stroll in the city centre.


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