Return to Wytham Woods

bookworm_woods1 bookworm_woods2 bookworm_woods3 bookworm_woods4 bookworm_woods5 bookworm_woods6 bookworm_woods7 bookworm_woods8After my first visit to Wytham Woods at the beginning of last autumn, I was really keen to return and see this beautiful place in a different season. The spring showers and the early summer sunshine have really made the woods come to life.

It really was so beautiful! On several occasions I thought that the trees had colours so bright they weren’t natural. As we walked through densely wooded areas, sunny clearings, sheep-grazing meadows, and along tree canopied paths the woods were bursting with life. I dare say the woods felt magical; in my mind this is what Lothlórien forest from Lord of the Rings would look like. (I’m a nerd, I know.)


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