A sunny day in Edinburgh

bookworm_edinburgh8 bookworm_edinburgh1 bookworm_edinburgh2 bookworm_edinburgh5 bookworm_edinburgh3 bookworm_edinburgh4 bookworm_edinburgh7 bookworm_edinburgh6During my stay in Scotland two weeks ago, my friend and I went on a day trip to Edinburgh. I had never been and really wanted to visit as everyone always says that it is a beautiful city.

We got off the train and made our way towards the Royal Mile through a steep and narrow little path called Fleshmarket Close. It turns out Edinburgh has a a pretty creepy history. We walked along the Royal Mile and explored some of itsΒ side streets, and my friend shared plenty of fascinating and spooky Edinburgh stories of centuries past. Of course, we walked up to the castle which looks magnificent. Because one of us is heavily pregnant (not me!), weΒ couldn’t wait in the extremely long queue to go inside. So we took in the splendid view and then made our way to the Princes Street Gardens to get some rest in the shade.

This is a lovely park in the heart of Edinburgh and on that sunny and warm day it was certainly very popular with locals and tourists alike. I really liked the stunning views of the castle from where we were sitting. While we were there, we heard the One O’Clock Gun being fired from the castle, which I thought was really cool.

I loved my short visit to Edinburgh, it seemed to be such an interesting city. I’m dreaming of returning soon to explore it properly.


2 thoughts on “A sunny day in Edinburgh

  1. Nish says:

    Lovely photos. I was supposed to visit with my friends but couldn’t unfortunately make it. Hope I”ll be lucky enough to visit another time.

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