June – A picture diary

bookworm_june1Spirit-lifting blue skies, sunshine, and fluffy white clouds every morning. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always wondering what life would be like in all the lovely places I visit; I would move in this dreamy house in a heartbeat. Canal walks, boats, and their reflections. Starting the 100HAPPYDAYS challenge with a sheep family picture. It’s become one of my most favourite pictures ever. Have you joined the challenge yet? It’s super fun!

bookworm_june2A train journey north, rolling past such beautiful countryside sights. Catching up with a dear friend and being once again amazed at how time and distance don’t really change anything. A sunny day spent wandering around beautiful medieval Edinburgh. I’m already dreaming of a return visit for some proper exploring. Everyday life in Oxford isn’t bad at all, with Hogwarts-worthy libraries to work in and lunchtime hours spent by the river.

bookworm_june3The month of roses! The rose bush by our garden gate, one of my most loved sights. Roses everywhere in my neighbourhood; I always stop and smell them. Enjoying the sunshine by the roses in my friend’s garden. Discovering a hidden rose bloom in our own garden, all I had to do was change my perspective.

bookworm_june4Park picnics with happy red poppies. Last sun rays in our garden. My new evening routine is making me so happy! Spending midsummer in the garden. Meeting cows, horses, rabbits, ducks, donkeys, and sheep on my countryside walks. The time for english strawberries, they really make the best snack!

Oh wasn’t June simply wonderful?

All pictures taken from my Instagram.



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