The kitchen garden: The first basil crop of the summer

How are your gardens doing? I’m very pleased with our windowsill plants this year, flowers and herbs are all doing great. In fact, we don’t even seem to have that many snails and slugs, which are my enemies every year.


Our basil is doing really well and since I’m determined to not let it grow too tall or flower,  I’m aiming for regular harvests. So once each plant had more than six leaves, I chopped the two uppermost leaves. The first crop was a small one, and the leaves are so much smaller than store-bought basil but they are so fragrant and delicious! Even as I was cutting them on the windowsill I could feel the sweet scent rising up.

For the first basil crop we had to make a Caprese salad, which in my opinion is the best way to have basil. It’s fresh and delicious and it really transports me back to Italy. And it’s so simple to make! You simply slice some nice, juicy tomatoes and layer them with a healthy amount of sliced fresh mozzarella. Scatter the whole or roughly chopped basil leaves on top. Sprinkle some sea salt and drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top. If you want, you can add some balsamic vinegar too. Ta-da!

bookworm_basil2This Caprese salad was one of the stars in our first al fresco lunch in the garden. We’ve had some really lovely, summery weather lately (I’m ignoring today’s monsoon) and one of my favourite things about the summer is enjoying a nice meal in our beautiful garden. This Caprese salad really tastes like summer and it’s so great that we get to use our own, homegrown basil. I’m very much looking forward to making it many times in the coming months.



7 thoughts on “The kitchen garden: The first basil crop of the summer

  1. joyweesemoll says:

    Beautiful! I love growing basil. Late in the summer, I make pesto to freeze in ice cube trays so that I can have that great flavor all winter.

  2. Charlie says:

    Looks and sounds lovely! We’ve given up on basil for a bit as even once the slugs were defeated it was still being eaten, but the rosemary is very nice.

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