Summer solstice in the garden {Part 1}

bookworm_solstice7 bookworm_solstice1 bookworm_solstice3 bookworm_solstice4 bookworm_solstice5 bookworm_solstice6

I spent the glorious midsummer evening in our garden and it was so lovely! I read in the sunshine for quite a while, listening to various birds signing and occasionally stopping to stroke the neighbours’ cat. When I got too warm, I took a break from reading and grabbed my camera. I really like going on little strolls in our garden, it’s what Regency and Victorian ladies did too, right?

So I walked and took pictures. There are currently so many beautiful flowers and picturesque corners in the garden. With the sunshine streaming down and the bees buzzing from bloom to bloom, it really feels like summer is here!

Come back tomorrow if you’d like to see some more midsummer pictures.


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