New evening routine

Now that the days are warm and light till later, I have a new favourite evening routine. It goes something like this…

bookworm_evening10 bookworm_evening4

Every evening on the days when I’m working in London, I get back home at around 8. Before I even reach our door I see The Boy sitting in the garden which is particularly lovely these days, reading his book and enjoying the golden rays of the sun. To be honest, that sight is enough to make all the commuting stress melt away. But it gets better. I drop off my things and join him in the garden. I don’t read, I just sit and look and listen. There’s new flowers to be admired, noisy birds that want attention, or just the sun’s warmth to be soaked up. The neighbours’ cat might come along and ask to be stroked. Recently we even took to visiting her adorable kittens, full of energy as they explore their world. We play with the kittens for a bit and then we go for a little walk around our neighbourhood and along the canal.

bookworm_evening5 bookworm_evening1bookworm_evening3bookworm_evening9 bookworm_evening2 bookworm_evening6 bookworm_evening7

Everything looks golden and ethereal, like the best Instagram filter has been applied. I like walking past the duck families on the canal, so many new ducklings this year. Fifteen minutes later, and with the last rays of the sun behind us we are back home for dinner.

bookworm_evening8 bookworm_evening11

And that’s it.

P.S. All pictures taken with my phone. 

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