Sunny days in Suffolk

bookworm_sunny5 bookworm_sunny1 bookworm_sunny4 bookworm_sunny2 bookworm_sunny3 bookworm_sunny6 bookworm_sunny7
Here are some more pictures from my little holiday in Suffolk last month. Every day felt like a treat, with warm sunshine and blue skies, perfect for pottering about. Whether in meadows and country lanes, in the garden, by the river or on the beach, I tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and it was so lovely.
Everything looked lush, green, and oh so alive, with bees and butterflies and birds and rabbits often crossing our path. I walked through fields of buttercups, strolled down poplar lined paths, and visited villages scented with honeysuckle. And once or twice, it felt like I had stepped inside a Jane Austen novel. It was blissful. I think nothing can compare to the English countryside on a sunny day!


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