And then something serious happens

I go about my day worrying if my heels are in good enough shape to wear sandals, if I’ll finally be able to take a picture of the little ducklings along the canal, if I’ll find any UK-grown fruit other than apples at the store (that don’t cost more than gold). And then, something serious happens that puts everything in perspective.

I’ve been reading this blog, written by Marianne and Adrien for years. They are both lovely and funny ladies and even though in strict terms we are strangers, I feel like I know them pretty well. At least, well enough to get quite upset when I saw that Marianne’s sweet, one year old son, Hugo, is currently having very serious health problems. Here’s Marianne’s twitter; every time I’m scrolling through my feed I hope to see good news about little Hugo.

So this is basically just a post to ask, if you are the praying type to please include Hugo in your prayers. If you believe in positive energy please send happy, sunny thoughts to the Canada family. I have been, and I hope Hugo will be good as new very soon.


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