Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

bookworm_seaside1 bookworm_seaside2 bookworm_seaside4bookworm_seaside3 bookworm_seaside6bookworm_seaside5 bookworm_seaside7 bookworm_seaside8 bookworm_seaside9Bathing machines, ladies in modesty preserving full-body swimwear, piers, donkey rides, and Punch and Judy shows. That’s what comes to my mind when I think of the english seaside. I know it’s impossible to go back in time and see the Victorian seaside in all it’s glory but I was still excited to visit Southwold, a quintessential seaside town.

It really did not disappoint; Southwold is such a charming town on the Suffolk coast. We first walked along the pier. It has lots of cute little shops and of course, the arcade, where I was finally shown how to play the old penny slot machines by The Boy. It all had a gloriously nostalgic air.

Then we walked along the seaside where I finally saw my first beach huts. Boy do I love the beach huts! To me they are so mysterious and quite the exotic thing to find on the beach. But not here, here they are as essential as water and sand. They come in all sorts of colours and decoration schemes; needless to say I spent a large part of our walk trying to pick my favourite. I think a nice pastel coloured one would do nicely!

Of course we had to get ice cream, it was the first of the season for me. And it was a shame we visited after we had lunch, as Southwold is famous for its fish and chips. We ended our visit with a stop by the Adnams shop (the Adnams brewery is here) and then had a little rest in a lovely beer garden.

All in all, a glorious afternoon in a quintessentially English seaside town!


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