Awkward situations vol. 3

It was a gathering to celebrate a friend’s birthday. There were a few people I didn’t know, some acquaintances from as few years ago, and some friends.

My two good friends found themselves next to an old classmate of mine and began chatting. So I thought I’d introduce him to them. Now, this guy was never my friend; we were as close as two people who’ve shared a lecture room for a year with 30 other people four years ago. We never spent any time alone together but, as part of the same group we chatted before class, had lunch, and been to the pub.
Well, anyway, he beat me to it and began introducing himself. He introduced himself to one friend. Then the other. And then, he turned to me.

It wasn’t exactly the greeting I was expecting as he said: “Hello, I’m (insert guy’s name here). How do you know (insert birthday boy’s name here) ?”!!

I probably spent a second or two debating whether or not I should pretend we’d never met before but instead I decided to make the situation awkward by saying: “Yes, I know, we did our master’s together! That’s how we both know (insert birthday boy’s name here)!”.

I was expecting that his face would light up in recognition and would of course remember me.

Instead there were a few seconds of very awkward silence and then he said: ” Oh yeah.”, the blank stare betraying the fact that he still had no memory of me at all.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a similar situation but there literally is nothing anyone can say to make things less uncomfortable. So we both kind of pretended to be very interested in whatever the people next to us were talking about and just left it at that.


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