Bluebells, bluebells everywhere!

bookworm_bluebells1 bookworm_bluebells2 bookworm_bluebells7 bookworm_bluebells6 bookworm_bluebells3 bookworm_bluebells8 May was definitely the month of bluebells. We had bluebells grown in little patches in our garden, there were loads of them at the park, and they made regular appearances in my Instagram feed. At the start of MayΒ I decided to revisit the Foxholes woods in the Cotswolds because I remembered that last year the bluebells carpeting the entire forest floor were stunning.

It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day, perfect for a countryside adventure. The Boy had to work so I was on my own, but the sight of millions of delicate bluebells in the forest more than made up for it. Plus, this way I could take my time and take approximately a hundred identical pictures! Oh I do love the bluebells; I’m already looking forward to seeing them next year.


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