Mastering the art of procrastination – A list

I woke up quite motivated today and it’s already been a productive day (I just got back from an early morning yoga class), which is why I can laugh with myself and all that I’ve “accomplished” in the last few days. Instead of working on my thesis I…

… figured out how to do a fishtail braid. It’s something I always wanted to do and it’s surprisingly simple. Now I’m one step closer to living a Pinterest-ing life. Next up french braids. Oh and mermaid tail braids, for which I don’t think I have enough hair but I’ll still try.

… worked on a gallery wall for our entryway. I’m framing some prints I treasure-hunted, cherished cards and letters, and beloved photographs. It’s really coming along nicely.

… took a nap.

… started watching Bunheads. The last thing I need is more series to watch but Ana‘s review and comparison to Gilmore girls reminded me of it and I promptly watched the first 5 episodes. It’s nice!

… cleaned out and cleaned our fridge. I won’t tell you how many half-empty pots of salsa I found.

… played with our neighbours’ kittens. Self-explanatory.

… made plans to update the look of some of our coffee tables after watching this.

… organised and backed up most of pictures. I don’t understand how I can possibly take dozens of pictures on a short walk around the meadows, and yet I always do.

… watched so many vlogs on Youtube I am considering making my own. But who would watch that?

… tried out about a dozen bright lipsticks at Boots. I didn’t buy any because the last thing I need is another lipstick.


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