Things I worry about – A list


Apart from upping the frequency of my yoga practice, I’m trying to battle the intense anxiety I’ve been feeling recently by writing down the things that are making me anxious. Maybe I’ll look back on this list one day and my worries will seem silly – here’s hoping!

  1. I worry that I won’t find a way to manage my procrastinating tendencies which in turn makes me seriously worried that I won’t finish writing my thesis by the end of the summer as was my goal. I’m making small steps of improvement with this one by trying to change my mindset that it’s all or nothing: either I’ll have a good, productive day starting early in the morning or I’ll waste the whole day away. There’s really no reason why I can’t turn a lazy day around and have at least a few hours of productivity.
  2. I worry about not really having any solid plans for what happens after I finish with the PhD. Lacking that one single passion as far as jobs go means I only have vague ideas about stuff I’d like to do. On one hand I think that having only one thing you want to do is kind of limiting and can lead to disappointment, on the other hand I’d really like to have an answer when people ask me what I’m planning on doing next.
  3. Related to the previous point, I worry that I’m too old to take jobs that aren’t “serious”, to take time off to travel, to change direction. I know this is probably not true but, everyone around me seems so focused, so “on their way”, that I feel I need to rush to catch up not waste time loafing around.

I think these are the main things I’ve been worrying about recently.


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