Being Dr. Dolittle vol. 1

We were leaving the restaurant where we had our Easter lunch. While saying goodbye to various cousins and aunts I could hear a sad meowing coming from somewhere near us. I looked around and spotted a caramel coloured stray cat across the street. Once I started paying attention, I noticed that I could hear a second cat meowing, only this one sounded really weak and scared. I turned around and eventually saw a tiny little kitten, probably a couple of weeks old, curled up by the wall and crying.

I figured out that something scared the mama cat, perhaps she ran away when she heard people approaching, leaving her little one behind, and the passing cars were stopping her from coming back to this side of the road. I knew that eventually the cat would find a way to get back to her little one but I just couldn’t leave them in such distress.

So I approached the kitten and slowly gave him a few – hopefully – reassuring strokes. His crying was so sad, he really must have been terrified. I gently picked him up; he could fit in my palm. The mama cat sounded even more upset now so I didn’t waste any time; I quickly crossed the street and placed the kitten near his mum. The crying stopped instantly as the mum began licking and stroking her kitten. It was such a great moment. A few seconds later the cat and kitten walked away and disappeared in a neighbouring garden and all was well.

This was a few weeks ago, and ever since I’ve thought about that day a few times. The fact that I helped two little animals in distress always makes me smile.

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