Where shall we go for dinner? – A food romance by Tamasin Day – Lewis

I mentioned a while ago that I got into the habit of reading cookbooks and food memoirs in bed at night. One of the first books I picked up, only because I liked its title, was Where shall we go for dinner?.

It is a really lovely food memoir, it made for utterly comforting reading at the end of each day. Tamasin Day-Lewis writes about food, food that she cooks at home and food that she tries on her many travels. But it’s also a book about family and friends (some of them rather famous), and about the beginning of a new relationship.

Each chapter takes place at a different location, from Venice to New York to Puglia. Tamasin and her boyfriend Rob, seem to mainly experience each destination through its food; I loved reading about their quest to find the perfect dinner at various corners of the world. It was also lovely to read about food memories from her childhood and how food is so connected to major events in her life, like her father’s last supper. It’s clear that Day-Lewis loves food, she loves to cook for her loved ones and to eat her way around the globe. Which is something we have in common.

At the end of each chapter are small collections of recipes which tend to be recreations of memorable meals Tamasin had abroad. There are a lot of recipes bookmarked that I’m definitely going to try, although quite a few of them require expensive or hard to find ingredients.

All in all, this book felt so indulgent, such a feast for the imagination. It is very well written and so, I was really drawn into the places, the occasions, the meals. If you like reading food memoirs, I highly recommend this one.

P.S. Here’s a little passage that I shared from it a while ago.

7 thoughts on “Where shall we go for dinner? – A food romance by Tamasin Day – Lewis

  1. Carole says:

    I enjoyed this book but did feel she was showing off a bit – what we NZers would call being up yourself. Cheers from Carole’s Chatter

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