My Easter holiday – A list

I’ve been back from my holiday for a week now. Here are just some random thoughts:
  1. Feeling the sun warm my skin while walking around really is the best feeling.
  2. I loved going to bed early, waking up early and chatting with my mum over breakfast every day.
  3. As is my tradition, I picked up an Isabel Allende novel from my mum’s bookshelves to read while there; I loved The Infinite Plan. Have you read it?
  4. Driving with The Boy along the coast while listening to great music makes me happy.
  5. My grandma makes the best lemonade.
  6. It was the best time for lemon and orange blossoms and I loved it. Now I’m obsessed with those scents.
  7. I’ve rediscovered my love for loquats, they are so delicious.

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