My local countryside at dusk

bookworm_dusk1 bookworm_dusk2 bookworm_dusk3 bookworm_dusk5 bookworm_dusk7It’s exactly two years since I moved to Oxford. After all this time and countless walks in the countryside I am still amazed by the peaceful beauty of the meadows. It seems that no matter the season or the time of day my local countryside always looks stunning. I love how it’s not grand or dramatic at all, it’s quite unexceptional really, and yet it’s so lovely. It’s amazing how a short walk in the meadows can lift my spirits even on the dullest of days. I posted pictures of hazy days at the end of summer, quiet walks in the snow, sunsets and more sunsets, and winter floods.

A few days ago, The Boy and I were out and about, walking in the meadows in the fading light. I snapped these pictures on my phone, being quite peeved that I had left my camera at home. It’s the same with books really, the one time you don’t have one with you is the time you’ll have to wait in line for a long time. I’m determined to take my camera out with me at all times from now on. Anyway, the meadows were just so pretty in the last light of the day, mostly still and quiet except for the occasional rabbit hopping across the path and the ducks splashing in the lake. It was a really great walk.

P.S. It was during this same walk that this extraordinary thing happened.
Also, we’ve spotted the first lambs of the season, spring is really here!


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