The end, almost.

How good are you at finishing projects? I’m pretty rubbish at it. I frequently start projects feeling inspired, with big plans, excitement, and motivation. However, more often than not, I abandon them before they are over. The annoying thing is that I tend to give right before the end. For some reason, the closer I am to being done with a project, the lower my motivation to work on it is.

Sadly, this behaviour extends to things more important than say, my sewing project. I’m pretty close to being done with my research ย and yet, while I suspect other people would be working harder as the end becomes visible, I am not. I gave myself a deadline for the end of April, exactly one month away. It’s not looking like I’ll finish on time or if I do it will be after a lot of procrastinating followed by a whole lot of panicking, as I currently want to do anything but focus on work. I think it’s a combination of being anxious about what will come next and also being tired of working on this same stuff for a long time.

Anyway, excuse me while I go and work on my design for a gallery wall in our hallway…


3 thoughts on “The end, almost.

  1. Elizabeth Hein says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from about not quite finishing projects. I have several half started novels and too many failed gardening projects than I’m willing to admit. Sometimes I have to sit myself and ask what I am afraid will happen when I finish. With writing projects, finishing something is never actually finishing. Finished first drafts need to be rewritten. Edited drafts need to be reedited.
    I have been procrastinating with my new WIP so I signed up to do Camp Nanowrimo this month. Now I have a little pressure to finish a chunk by the end of the month.

  2. Alice says:

    It really depends on how motivated I am to start them and how important it is to finish them. Certain tasks I’ll make sure I get done well in advance to have some ‘free time’ after to relax in. Other things (knitting I was supposed to be learning) I quickly lost interest in.

    Procrastination, it seems, is no one’s friend.

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