A momentous occasion

I’m getting a haircut today. This is quite the momentous occasion as haircuts is the one personal grooming thing I put off the most.

For some reason, I end up going ages between haircuts even though I never mean to. Once a bit of time passes since my visit to the salon and my hair begins to get easily tangled and damaged at the ends, I start thinking about booking my next visit. It’s usually on a Sunday evening when I think “Oh I should call the hairdresser’s tomorrow and book an appointment.” Inevitably, the next Sunday comes and no appointment has been booked because I am a master procrastinator.

This goes on for a while and by then my hair is in a worse situation which only makes me procrastinate even more. I just hate getting that disapproving look from the stylist when she sees my split ends (even though the look is probably only in my head). And so I put it off. It’s only when the situation gets really desperate than an actual haircut appointment is booked. Which is today.

Do you guys do this too?


5 thoughts on “A momentous occasion

  1. bmary says:

    I’ve resorted to cutting my own hair. It’s not so bad with a little practice, depending on your hair style. I was also coached a little bit by a friend who does cosmetology. Always cut under your fingers and point cut the ends! Also, I’m cheap! No one’s really noticed except that it’s a bit shorter for a while.

  2. Charlie says:

    The last time I went for a trim it was so expensive and the hairdresser left the split ends so I’m likely to wait a while this time. I could just go elsewhere but paying twice…

  3. Trish says:

    I hope the cut went well!! I do this, too. And my hair is really thick and frizzes a bit at the ends–drives me crazy. I desperately need a cut but taking the time to find two hours seems exhausting. πŸ˜‰

  4. Alley says:

    I feel you when it comes to serious procrastination getting a haircut (or in my world making any appointments whatsoever). I usually go around 9 months between cuts. And even then I still just do a walk-in because I still fail to make an appointment. so you are very much not alone.

    Hope your haircut went well!

  5. Literary Relish says:

    I’m exactly the same! I simply just don’t care enough about it. I frequently used to go almost two years without bothering when I was a student which was an absolute nightmare for my hairdresser at the time! Nowadays I make the effort to go once every couple of months (which I think is a lot but is apparently much less than most women! What!?) and it makes such a difference that I’m going to keep on trying. I don’t wear much makeup and I’m fairly casual so having slightly neater hair makes all the difference!

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