I think I’m one of those annoying people

You know the kind I mean. The people who have seen the light and then become obnoxious in their constant need to spread the word. Whether they found God, or wellness through diet and exercise, there are some who are simply content to know they have changed their lives for the better with their newfound knowledge. However, there are others who just can’t be quiet about it; I think out of the desire to turn others on to this “ultimate truth” they tend to be more than a bit annoying. They want to tell you all about their workout, their calorie counters or the minutiae of their diets.

I have the slight suspicion that I’ve recently become annoying too when it comes to talking about yoga. In the past year I’ve been quite diligent with my yoga practice and it’s become one of my most favourite things. And because it’s been working great for me, I often catch myself talking about it, in perhaps a slightly evangelical way.

It all hit me last weekend as I was trying to get The Boy to join me at my Saturday morning yoga class for the umpteenth time. So I’m vowing to not go on and on about yoga anymore, unless people explicitly ask for my thoughts.

But seriously, do you want to join me at my yoga class? Because it’s pretty great!


4 thoughts on “I think I’m one of those annoying people

  1. Nish says:

    haha, I’ve been on the other side plenty of times when people I know suddenly try to turn me on to meditation, and self-help stuff and all that. Funny most of the times, sometimes annoying

  2. Alice says:

    I think all of us have those one thing we won’t stop raving about, don’t feel bad πŸ™‚ I certainly want to join you in Yoga. I need to find one of those beginners YouTube vids.

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