The tree by the church

So there’s a tree outside the church of St. Mary the Virgin. The church is a beautiful medieval building (it used to house the University’s library consisting of about 12 books before the Bodleian was built) and I assume the tree is pretty old too; its branches are all twisted and they make the narrow passage by the church even narrower.

These days, the tree is looking its best. The sweetest little pink blossoms adorn all its branches and they offer a startling splash of colour among all the medieval buildings.

Naturally, I long to take pictures of this beautiful scene: the first hints of spring in the form of delicate flowers with a backdrop of stunning architecture. It’s a no-brainer. Unfortunately there seems to be some sort of cosmic conspiracy aimed at keeping me from doing just that.

I walk past the tree almost every day and yet I am never able to take a picture. It is either raining or it is dark, I’m either rushing to catch a train or I’m carrying groceries. I never seem to be able to stop and take my time taking pictures. The best I could do so far was to take this quick snap that I posted on Instagram this morning.


I am however determined to find some time over the weekend, hopefully with the sun shining, to grab my camera and finally take the pictures. So stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “The tree by the church

  1. Trish says:

    I loved seeing this picture on Instagram! (Well, I adore all of your idyllic pictures). We have a number of flowering trees in my neighborhood that started to blossom last week. Unfortunately we had an ice storm on Sunday that killed the blossoms and now I think we’ll miss then entirely this season. I am so sad so keep posting yours!!

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