A not so scientific study

My everyday outfits in winter are variations of three themes: my pair of soft denim straight jeans from Uniqlo with some combination of shirts and jumpers, my pair of skinny jeans from Uniqlo with some combination of longer shirts and jumpers, or sweater dresses with tights. All these I wear either with flats or with flat boots. And that’s pretty much what I wear from november till March.

I’ve noticed that what I consider to be bad days seem more likely to happen when I’m wearing the skinny jeans. When I’m wearing my soft denim pair (which I call “my hug jeans” because that’s what they feel like) or dresses with tights, I tend to be in a better mood that lasts till the end of the day. There’s definitely a correlation there. I’m not saying that my skinny jeans have an effect on when rotten days from hell occur, but I think it’s quite difficult to feel rubbish when you are just so comfortable.

I know this result is not quite publishable but it’s something that I’ll definitely keep it in mind next time I go clothes shopping.

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