No-cooking days

Saturday is the day I tend to post about cooking and baking but it’s also the day when I cook very little or not at all.

Breakfast on Saturday tends to be tea and toast with jam or honey, more often than not using bread I’ve baked earlier in the week. I’m usually a bit rushed in the morning as I inevitably stay in bed till late and I have little time for breakfast before my yoga class.

When I get back home, if I’m alone, lunch is a couple of poached or soft-boiled eggs. If The Boy is around we usually have what we call an indoor picnic. This is basically a meal made of various, sometimes random, ingredients we have at home. It tends to be cheese (mature smoked cheddar or soft goat’s cheese), cured meat (chorizo or prosciutto), green leaves (lettuce, chard, watercress or spinach), bread (sourdough, pitta, or tortilla), and either chutney or hummus or tahini. It’s always very simple, and sometimes more sparse and frugal, but it’s always really delicious.

Dinner is almost always a take-out: either curry from the local indian place (The Boy votes for this every single week), pizza or chinese food. It is quite rare that we go out for dinner on a Saturday; if we do, our favourite place is the local pub where they only serve proper pies and chips (I’m a big fan of their steak & ale pie).

And that’s it: a whole day of eating with no cooking. Do you have days when you don’t cook? What do you eat on no cooking days?

9 thoughts on “No-cooking days

  1. Beth F says:

    I love that weekend tradition! How relaxing — and fun to have entire day off from cooking. We sometimes have what we call Snack Night, which is similar to your lunch. A kind of pull together whatever is on hand.

  2. Trish says:

    Ooooh I love the idea of indoor picnic! When I’m home alone that’s likely what my meals look like. On the weekends we tend not to cook quite as much and sometimes we’ll order take-out or head to a family friendly restaurant. My husband would be so jealous of the steak and ale pie. He LOVES pub food but we can’t find proper British grub in our area.

  3. Janel says:

    Your indoor picnic sounds yummy. I would eat it every weekend. Beyond making a tuna melt on focaccia for myself for lunch, I haven’t cooked today either.

  4. Cecelia says:

    I actually have no-cooking days quite often, as I only cook for myself during the week (weekends I might bake for friends or a party, or prep nicer dinners). A typical no-cooking weekday might look like this: banana and coffee for breakfast, salad from a place near work for lunch, mid-afternoon snack of apple or orange, and then dinner of carrots, celery & hummus, and maybe a bowl of cereal if my stomach is feeling empty.

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