February – A picture diary

bookworm_february1A certain amount of grumpiness disappearing with the reappearance of the sun. Morning walks in Oxford, evening walks in London. Sharing pictures of a countryside sunset, soft pink skies, and bubblegum pink clouds to cheer myself up. Finding what looked like a Jane Austen movie set in the countryside, oh so English.
bookworm_february2Feeling a bit flat. Confessing to a rather odd love. Messengers of spring: pure white snowdrops appearing in the garden, brilliantly coloured crocuses making me smile in the park, and delicate tree blossoms everywhere in my neighbourhood.

I can’t say I’m sorry to see February go. It was quite a “blah” month for me, although I have to admit that with the sun making almost daily appearances in the last week, February is departing on a good note. I can’t wait for March and, hopefully, the arrival of spring!

How has February treated you?

P.S. All pictures taken from my Instagram.

One thought on “February – A picture diary

  1. Literary Relish says:

    After today I think we can OFFICIALLY say that spring has arrived! Hurrah! So nice to finally feel the sun on my skin. I completely agree with you. February has been rather depressing and quite a grind. Am feeling positive about the rest of the year though!

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