The kitchen garden

Gardening is a relatively recent interest of mine. I used to think it required a green thumb, a big garden, and lots of time so I never thought it was something I could do. I think the catalyst was our trip to Tuscany a few years ago; after 7 days of eating delicious food made from fresh ingredients, The Boy and I returned to England and felt serious Caprese salad withdrawal symptoms.

So we started growing basil in a pot on the windowsill. And then coriander. And parsley. And mint. And then we added some flowers too. It wasn’t always successful; the first year our coriander went to flower before we barely made any curries and the snails had nightly feasts with our basil. What was hugely surprising however, was how much I enjoyed taking care of our plants. It’s an incredible feeling to see them grow and flourish and of course, using our own fresh herbs when cooking is simply amazing.

Last year, we added a couple of pots where we planted meadow flower mixes; these offered a stunning variety of colours and attracted bees and butterflies. They were lovely. All through the spring, summer and early autumn, checking up on our plants every morning was my favourite thing to do and was a daily source of happiness.

From left: Meadow flowers in a pot, using basil on pizza, pansies.

From left: Meadow flowers in a pot, using basil on pizza, pansies.

Now, with the sun making shy appearances almost every day, I am beginning to think about this year’s garden. While I dream of the day when I will have a proper kitchen garden, a source of fruit, vegetables and flowers, I am happy with the kitchen windowsill version for now. So I’m making lists of the herbs and flowers I want to plant and I’m impatiently waiting for spring to arrive. I can taste the Caprese salad already.


3 thoughts on “The kitchen garden

  1. Aash's Little Talks says:

    Hi, I really enjoy your blog. I was wondering whether you grow your plants in the house or outside. or both? And which ones can you grow inside? I’ve always wanted to start gardening but never know what to start with. thanks πŸ™‚

    • bookworm says:

      Well, saying I’m not an expert is an understatement, but I think the proper way to do it is to individually plant the seeds in seedling trays that you keep indoors. You keep these in a sunny spot inside and once the plants are a couple of inches tall and it’s reasonably warm out you transplant them into pots outside.
      However, we don’t have that kind of space at home and we are quite lazy so, what we do is wait until there are no more overnight frosts and plant the seeds into pots outside straightaway and hope for the best. I think herbs tend to be hardy so as long as they are kept in a sunny, not cold spot and are not over-watered they’ll do fine.
      Happy gardening!

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