A revelation

I’ve been trying, especially in the last couple of years, to ban pessimism and focus on the positive in every situation. The truth is that this does not come natural to me at all. In practice, when faced with a setback/failure/unwelcome change, my instinct is to grab a bag of Doritos and lots of chocolate and take to bed. I know that hiding and being depressed will not help in any way, it’s just that I’m such a good pessimist, I get it from my grandmother.

However, in the last couple of days I’ve witnessed The Boy deal with a situation that would for sure and me into Greek tragedy mode. And yet, he has been positive and relaxed and looks on the whole thing as an exciting opportunity. He is right; you simply have to think things through instead of immediately deciding that everything is ruined. Quite a revelation, eh? He is basically my hero and has inspired me to face changes with a much healthier mindset.


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