Things I miss – A list

1. The sunshine. It’s not even about warmth; I’m ok with wearing layer upon layer of clothing and having cold fingers even with gloves on. I just miss the sunshine, bright morning light and sweet pink sunsets.

2. My bike. I got a puncture a couple of days ago and I’m waiting for The Boy to find some free time to fix it. I miss being able to pop to the shop and be back within ten minutes.

3. My positive attitude. I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed by some things, and when I’m overwhelmed I get depressed and very unmotivated to do anything. The awful weather is not helping.

4. The countryside. The floods combined with the relentless rain and gale force winds mean I haven’t been out walking in quite a while.

5 thoughts on “Things I miss – A list

  1. Laura says:

    Oh man, it sucks when you get all out of sync and routine and most of the things you’d do to make yourself feel better are impossible because it’s always bloody raining! Stay strong though, cause spring will come- I promise.

  2. Alice says:

    For me, I could cope with just a peak of sunshine per day, it’s the never ceasing wind and rain that’s getting to me. Let’s hope this is just a February thing, and March will be a sun drenched month.

    Hope your positivity returns soon, I would definitely equate it to the weather, you could have SAD?

  3. Literary Relish says:

    Aw. Chin up Maria! It’ll all be better soon I promise. This dark ‘miscellaneous’ part of the year is always so hard but I find that a little Dickens, a nice drink of something alcoholic, a warm blanket and a warm boyfriend always helps get me through!

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