Oh, Woodstock!

bookworm_woodstock1 bookworm_woodstock3 bookworm_woodstock2 bookworm_woodstock6 bookworm_woodstock4 bookworm_woodstock5 bookworm_woodstock7I know I’ve talked about Woodstock before, in my opinion it’s a darling little town and it’s surrounded by beautiful countryside. A visit to Woodstock is currently my favourite excursion on a Saturday.

It usually goes like this: we walk around the town centre, possibly popping in the tiny bookstore because I can’t help myself or taking a little stroll in the Blenheim Palace grounds. Then it’s off along the footpaths into the countryside, usually a circular walk by Wootton. Timing usually works so that we are back in Woodstock, cold and hungry, just as it’s getting dark. A visit to Harriet’s tea rooms is obligatory; they make a delicious tomato and lentil soup which must be followed by a pot of tea and warmed treacle tarts. We then take another little walk in the town before we get settled by the fire at The Star Inn, one of Woodstock’s many pubs. It really is the perfect Saturday!

What’s your favourite weekend activity?


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