January – A Picture Diary

bookworm_january1Starting the year in the most awesome way possible: Pistachio, Orange and Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls for new year’s day breakfast. Pure bliss! Getting arty on the train, just one way to pass the time on my commute. Making early mornings slightly better with walks in Oxford. Taking in the gothic atmosphere on foggy days.

bookworm_january2Making the most of sunny days, with countryside walks of course. Rediscovering my local countryside after it was altered by the floods. Trying to picture life in sleepy villages in Oxfordshire. Big skies and beautiful sunshine in the countryside for a healthy dose of optimism.

I don’t really care for January, it’s often so grey and miserable it makes me wish I could stay in bed under the covers until it’s over. This year, I’ve been trying to lift my spirits and cheer up during this depressing time of the year. Looking back at what I got up to, I think I did quite well.

How was your January?


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