I think I could be happy here.

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Whenever I visit a new place, particularly if it’s a small village in the english countryside, I try to imagine what living there would be like. Is that weird? Please tell me you guys do it too!Β I pick a dreamy looking cottage or farmhouse and start fantasising. I think of how I would decorate it, fill it with flowers freshly cut from the garden, bake bread in the kitchen. I imagine what my neighbours would be like, and how I would learn all the local gossip when I went to the shop or the pub. And of course I dream of the daily walks in the countryside.

Wootton is a small village in Oxfordshire that I visited recently, and it certainly passed the test. It looked so cosy and peaceful in the late afternoon sunshine, nestled in among beautiful hills. I think I could be very happy there.



6 thoughts on “I think I could be happy here.

  1. chowmeyow says:

    I definitely do that too! One of my favorite parts of traveling… getting a glimpse into life other places and imagining myself there.

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