The Boy goes skiing – What I did

In the last few days I’ve posted some pictures that The Boy took while on a skiing holiday last week (here, here and here if you missed them). I thought it would be somewhat interesting to tell you what I did with my time last week.

So, when The Boy was on the Alps…

I didn’t have dinner till late every day, usually after 9pm. Dinner was a tuna salad, a grilled cheese sandwich or my favourite Greek lemon soup which I understand is an acquired taste that The Boy hasn’t acquired yet so I never make it when he’s around.

I got up earlier than usual most days to spent some time enjoying a cup of coffee and Pinterest.

I took pictures of Alfred and posted them here.

I continued to water my hyacinths even though they look like they are dying and I don’t know why.

I slept on my side of the bed even though I could have starfished in the middle.

I invited my friends over for a girlie weekend, there was wine and manicures involved.

I cooked 6 portions of lasagna, 5 portions of chilli con carne and 4 litres of chicken stock to restock our freezer.

I started watching Scandal, was immediately hooked and stayed up way too late to keep watching episodes.

I wore red lipstick every day; my favourite is called Kiss of Life by Rimmel.

I missed having my camera, and I missed The Boy.

3 thoughts on “The Boy goes skiing – What I did

  1. Charlie says:

    Sounds like you made the most of it 🙂 I’m with you on eating food your other half doesn’t like when they’re not there. No issues regarding two meals or disliked smells. Plants that die for no reason – tell me about it.

  2. Literary Relish says:

    Funny how your routine changes so dramatically isn’t it? When John went climbing I also slept on the side of the bed….made a scarecrow….went out partying ….but I missed my morning coffees and someone to talk to 🙂

    • bookworm says:

      You’re so right; I didn’t expect my everyday life to change so much for the week when he was away but it really did. Mostly, even though I lived alone for a couple of years, I found it really strange to come home at night and not have anyone to talk to.

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