The Boy goes skiing – Alpine mountaintops

Last week The Boy went on a skiing holiday. He took my camera with him and, even though I felt the deprivation, I’m very glad he did. I have never ever been skiing and for some reason I never even imagined that the alpine mountaintops are so very stunning. I loved going through the pictures he took and thought I’d share some here (with his permission) as they are so different from my usual photos.

bookworm_alps1 bookworm_alps3Looking at these pictures, I can almost breathe in the crisp, fresh air. It must be so extraordinary to stand on the top of a mountain and only see snow and sky.

bookworm_alps5I thought this was ย layer of rock on the mountain but The Boy explained that no, that’s a glacier! Don’t you love its steely iciness?

bookworm_alps6 bookworm_alps7There were a couple of days when the weather wasn’t sunny and clear and the visibility wasn’t good. The mountains still look beautiful though, and a bit scary.

bookworm_alps4 bookworm_alps2But then, more good days followed and everything was fresh and bright again.

All pictures taken by The Boy.

5 thoughts on “The Boy goes skiing – Alpine mountaintops

    • bookworm says:

      I know, it looks so stunning I’d probably end up doing more picture-taking than skiing. I’m hoping that next winter when I won’t be a poor phd student anymore I’ll be able to afford it.

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