Tried and tested

Are you on Pinterest? I am, and I absolutely love it. If it’s not a super rushed morning, spending some time on Pinterest while having my tea or coffee is my favourite thing. There’s just so much inspiration, for clothes to wear, places to visit, and of course, food to cook.

I pin a lot of recipes that strike my fancy but let’s be honest, most of them are destined to stay in my Recipes to try board for a long time. (At least, until Trish hurries up and organises another round of Pin It and Do It.) However, the things I actually made and liked are to be found in Tried and tested recipes. There are some that were great but, because they are very seasonal or extravagant or special, I haven’t cooked more than once. And then there are others, recipes so great and foolproof and delicious that becoming staples.

Here are my top 5 truly tried and tested recipes:

1. Outrageous chocolate cookies. I’ve made these more times than I can remember. They are my ultimate cookie. Very chocolate-y, very soft and very chewy, they are almost brownies and they hold a very dear place in my heart. Please make them sometime soon, you won’t regret it!

2. Mascarpone and ginger crème brûlée. This is so good! It’s surprisingly easy to make and it looks very impressive. A great dessert for a dinner party as you can make them, chill them and then simply caramelise the top when you are ready to serve them.

3. Pasta alla vodka. My go-to dinner when I have no idea what to cook. Such basic ingredients, cooked in a simple way, and yet the flavour of this is just divine. Cheesy and tomato-y, and yes the vodka does make a difference, it’s the perfect comfort food. Make more than you think you need, trust me.

4. Mushroom soup. I make lots of soup in the wintertime, but most of the time I improvise with whatever vegetables I find in the market; I believe this is the only soup recipe I have. It’s very creamy and flavourful and warming and, did I mention creamy?

5. Arroz con Pollo. Translation: rice with chicken. I always associate this dish with sunshine, with brightness and warmth. I think it’s the saffron. Anything that starts with wine and saffron is going to be good, right?

Oh and honourable mention goes to the Granola recipe that I’ve talked about before, which is my breakfast of choice. I make it once a week, every week except for a couple of months in the winter when we have porridge for breakfast instead.

Care to share some of your favourite tried and tested recipes?

P.S. Here are my top 5 bread recipes.


9 thoughts on “Tried and tested

  1. Beth F says:

    You hit on three of my favs: creme brulee, pasta alla vodka, and arroz con pollo — Off to check out the pins and add to my growing “must try” list.

  2. Lucia says:

    I haven’t been pinning any recipes lately…I haven’t been cooking much, except for the cookies I bake every week (I don’t like the gluten-free cookies you can find in shops). I need to add more recipes to my Pinterest board!
    Pasta alla vodka seems interesting, I want to try it. I’ve followed the link to the recipe on The Pioneer Woman and I read: “Overcooked pasta is a sacrilege”, TRUE. VERY true.

  3. Janel says:

    I love Pinterest, but admit it can be a time suck sometimes if I’m not careful. These recipes sound really great! Most of my boards are for recipes.

  4. Laurie C says:

    I got sucked into Pinterest and love it for recipes, too! That’s a great idea to have a Tried and True category, because you never know if the recipes really work as you pin them, and also it’s always hard for me to remember where I saw a recipe if I make it once and liked it but then let months go by before I go to make it again. Most of my tried and true recipes are in cookbooks and not online, though.

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