Walk this way

The Boy and I go on long countryside walks often, as you very well know. I think that when I tell people this, some picture us walking hand in hand, possibly towards a sunset, or something equally romantic.

In reality, our walks look more like this…


and this…


like this…


or even this…


and sometimes this.

bookworm_walking4The Boy and I almost never walk side by side on our walks. It’s not just because I’m a slower walker (which I am), or just because I stop to take pictures every few steps (which I do); this has always been our natural walking formation. We start our walks side by side, and we maintain conversation during, but somehow we always fall into this formation. The Boy in the front and me following about 10 paces behind. I don’t mind that we don’t have a more traditionally romantic walking style, this just feels so natural. Plus, I get to make my joke about having a nice view from where I am.

I just felt like sharing.


5 thoughts on “Walk this way

  1. Charlie says:

    Being together and holding hands might look idyllic, but you can have just as nice a walk without doing that. In our case, macro photography keeps us together as we have similar interests.

  2. Literary Relish says:

    Ha! Oh that made me laugh because this like me and my other half! I sometimes complain that I know his back better than I know his face! This walking formation works for us because a) he’s quicker than me and b) he’s waaaay more sure-footed than me as a climber so I know that, as long as I put my feet where he’s just been, I should be fine!

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