Stir crazy

Confession: I haven’t left the house in two days. And in those two days the only person I’ve interacted with is The Boy (characters in The Sims not included). tangent: I’ve spent quite some time yesterday and today controlling the lives of simulated people on my laptop. It’s my guilty pleasure. I think it’s official, I’m going stir crazy.

It’s not because of my occasional hermit tendencies either, I promise. I’ve been a bit under the weather; too ill to contemplate the mysteries of the Universe successfully at work, but not ill enough to spend the day sleeping. It’s also the small issue of the flooded train tracks, which basically means I couldn’t go in to London without making it into a long, inconvenient journey. tangent: See, commuting is just fine when it all goes smoothly, but when the Thames has flooded gardens, roads, and train routes, it’s not so great.

Anyway, to summarise this very meaningful post, I’ve been stuck at home doing nothing productive. And I can almost feel my brain cells slowly giving up. Which is why this post is so scattered.

So. It’s time to do something. As in actually do something. The idea is to walk to the shops; it finally stopped raining and it looks quite nice and mild out. I’ll buy some basic supplies and return home to cook maybe two or three meals to restock our freezer. tangent: Did I ever mention that every few weeks The Boy and I cook-to-freeze portions of our favourite meals, to make weekday dinners easier? I should probably do a post about that.Β 

What have you been up to?


2 thoughts on “Stir crazy

  1. Pogue says:

    I had surgery on the 27th of December. I have been playing Sims 3 and MineCraft. I am going stir crazy and in my dreams everyone looks like a MineCraft character.

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