bookworm_raindrops1 bookworm_raindrops2 bookworm_raindrops3 bookworm_raindrops4I’ve been commuting to London a few days a week for almost two years now. I’ve had to invent quite a few ways to pass the time on the train when reading books or blogs won’t do it.

One thing I like to do if I have a window seat, is to take pictures. They usually turn out blurry and useless. However, yesterday I used my phone to take some pictures of the raindrops on the window as the sun was setting after a storm. I expected it would be hard to get my phone camera to focus on the raindrops and not on the flooded fields the train was flying past (more like crawling really, because of the flooded train tracks). But it wasn’t and I spent quite some time taking pictures. The train got into Oxford just as the sky was taking on pink and red hues and I almost wished my commute was longer.


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